Hetman Cup closing remarks

Thank you everybody, who made Hetman Cup 2014 international success story!

In the name of Organizing Committee I would like to thank great umpires Neven Baran and Denis Vukas for highly professional judging of the event. Special thanks to Neven for match race seminar before the event. This made transition from fleet to match racing for participants of previous Hetman Cup regattas much more easier.

We never had any dispute on the water and everything went smoothly and clean. This was once again to remember importance of fair play as a foundation of Hetman Cup. Playing by the rules makes life easy and enjoyable. It also helps to win.

We want to thank UkrSWIFT, the Association of Ukrainian banks, sharing with the Hetman Cup the same values of fair play, quality and technological advancement, who sponsored the event in such a difficult for Ukraine times. But especially in these hard times fairness, communication and joint effort of people are very important, which was demonstrated by the Hetman Cup 2014.

All the Porto Montenegro team made great effort to make Hetman Cup happen. Jenny, Becki an Tony helped everybody making regatta a smooth breeze making regatta management really enjoyable exercise. Competitors and guests of the regatta had a pleasure to be in a such beautiful location with a great support.

Many thanks to the Nature for wind and sunny weather helping us to enjoy match racing in its full.

I would like to express our respect to all racing teams participating in Hetman Cup. The team of Yuri Volosheniuk did their best to defend the Cup, but this time the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club team of Max Bulley appeared more assertive and it will be their turn to defend Hetman Cup in 2015. Max Bulley's team was really international consisting of representatives from Switzeralnd, USA, New Zealand and Ukraine.

Teams of Max Bulley and Sasa Kekovic gave spectators possibility to see great match race play in the final.

Hetman Cup fans enjoyed interesting match race game and had fun together with participants on Vyshyvanka party, where all Ukrainians were wearing national shirts with the same name enjoying high quality live music of the best Montenegro's popular band.

Special thanks to Ukrainian Embassy in Montenegro and especially to Her Excellency Ukrainian Ambassador to Montenegro Oksana Sliusarenko. She gave full support for the event and provided all the necessary information and links with local authorities to make Hetman Cup successful.

As a Hetman Cup organizers we wish you all only fair peaceful sport battles to enjoy.

All the best

We will see you in Hetman Cup 2015

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