The first international sailing regatta in Ukraine gets underway in less than 3 months.

Preparations are already in full swing for the Hetman Cup, which is set to be watched by thousands of sporting fans in Ukraine and around the world. This event should make input to conversion of sporting fans into sailors attracted to match race sailing through intense action, close competition and drama.

Organized by Foundation Gurtom in conjunction with Ukrainian Sailing Federation, the Hetman Cup is 15 years old Ukrainian sailing event with perpetual trophy won by the best of sailing breed. The Cup will be defended this year by Boris Sheets, member of Ukrainian olympic team. There are 6 challengers confirmed by Organizing Authority with three additional teams to be determined as official challengers for the Hetman Cup this year. The three days of racing actions starting from 7th to 9th of May when the next defender of the Hetman Cup will be determined are keeping busy new teams from Estonia, Poland, France and Slovenia challenging defender of the Hetman Cup.

The girls team of Pauline Courtouis with 5th ISAF ranking in match race will compete with men’s teams in open championship. Before the teams will go out to water on one design Plate 25 boats every day they will be introduced to clouds in a special ‘dock out’ ceremony. At the Obolon embankment visitors can expect a range of attractions where they can watch match race battle on radio controlled boats in a specially designed pool, take part in actions, explore street food and admire ukrainian hand made souvenirs as well as expect new sporting experiences in family friendly atmosphere.

On the ground, there will be plenty of activities supported by Red Bull for children in special kid zones - designed to engage their interest in sport and technology. In the sky there will be display of radio controlled aircraft perform their aerobatics maneuvers and live picture broadcasting capabilities.

The racing will be streamed live on giant screen and internet in the village with commentary to ensure that any questions over tactics and outcomes are quickly answered and the action is easy to follow. Radio controlled sailboats will be used to better explain rules and tactics of big boats. Live translation of event in internet will attract more than 100,000 guests.

Radio sailing event will be organized end of March to boost interest for match race and rules of the game.

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